About me


I’m Laura Viñuela (Gijón, 1976), feminist and gender consultant. Since 2005 I’m also director of my own company, Espora.

I have a degree in History and Musical Sciences by the University of Oviedo (Spain), where I also did the Doctorate Programme on Women’s Studies. My research project combined my knowledge of both areas and was published as number 17 of the Colección Alternatives with the title Feminist Musicology and Popular Music: Two New Challenges for Musicology [Musicología feminista y música popular: dos nuevos retos para la musicología] (KRK Ediciones, 2005). This was the beginning of a close relationship with the academic world that continues today, as I teach some postgraduate courses on feminism and take part in several projects as a researcher. Some of my articles can be downloaded from my Academia.edu profile.

Through my job as junior researcher in two EU funded research projects, I learned how to make use in practice of my theoretical knowledge and how to be part of an international team. Nowadays, I still participate in European projects as a Gender Expert with my company, Espora.

Along these years I have also continued working in the area of feminism and popular music and, at the moment, I collaborate with musician and musicologist Mar Álvarez in developing a new project about female bands in popular music that includes a book (in progress) and a website.

My commitment to feminism covers many fields, one of them being my involvement in associations that promote gender equality. Since 2005 I’m part of the Board of the Spanish Association for Women’s Studies AUDEM, I’m member of the team that in 2010 promoted the creation of the Professional Association of Gender Consulting APCG, of which I’m President, and in 2003 I set up the Women’s Section of the Neighborhood Association of Somió (Gijón), where I’m coordinator of activities for and about women and I teach English lessons.

If you’d like to know more about me, you can visit my LinkedIn profile or you can download my full CV.